Name of Institution
          Place of Commencement
          Place of Present Office
          Name of Convenor
          Telephone Number
Amrit Vaani  
Hindi Paper House, 951 Chawari Bazar Delhi-110006  
New Delhi  
Shri Jeshraj Sekhani  
+91 11-23264782/+91 11-23263906  

Brief Description


To records all the lectures (Vani) of the Acharyaji and scholars for future use and as historical archives.


To save theAcharyaji and other scholars for eternity through Vani. To spread Vani of Acharyaji and all scholars among people. To store all Vani of Acharyaji and scholars as future wealth.


Human Resources: Use of Expert Technicians.

Financial Resources: Donation from the Institute and Society , sale of CD and cassettes. Help from Jai Tusli Foundation is expected soon.

Physical Resources: Digital Camera, V.H.S Camera, VCR, Audio Recording Copier, High Speed Copying, T.V, Speaker, Video Vision Mixer E-5, CPU Pentium-4, A card of D.V. 500 Video CD Pal, Monitors, Audio CD, VCD Player etc.


To provide use of advanced Technology.
To convert old cassettes into CD to keep them safe.
To provide video recording facilities.
To try to improve quality of cassettes
To Broadcast Acharyaji and other scholar's Vani over T.V Channels and other broadcasting mediums.