1 Prophets

2. Those who wear white robes.

3. Those who do not wear robes.

4. Those who worship idols.

5. Those who do not worship idols.

6. Literal meaning is—Those who believe in five Mahavratas, five Samities, there Gupties.

7. Sub-sect.

8. Scriptures.

9. The building intentionally constructed for monks to stay in.

10. Laity or lay follower.

11. Chaturmas refers to the four months of the rainy season, when ascetics sojourn at the same place.

12. The present era is the fifth one in the present descending time-cycle. It is considered to be the time of suffering or misery.

13. Undertaking a vow of not committing any sinful activities for a period 48 minutes.

14. Five Great vows—non-violence, truth, non-stealing, celibacy, non- possession.

15. Five comportments—careful movements, careful speaking, careful bagging of alms, etc., careful utilization of utensils etc. carefuldisposal of body-wastes.

16. Three restraints—physical, vocal and mental.

17. A small room in which stark darkness always prevails.

18. The full moon night of the lunar month of Asadha (July)

19. The four-month stay at one place during rainy season.

20. During the rest eight months, monks and runs go on moving from place to place, not staying at one place for more than one month.

21. The rules, regulations and conventions laid down in the constitution.

22. Dana literally means giving something to others. In social context, it is charity. In spiritual context, it is giving alms etc. to ascetics.

23. Himsa means causing injury or killing to living beings.

24. Daya literally means feeling of sympathy towards them who are suffering.