Name of Institution : Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Yuvak Parishad (ABTYP)
Office : HO. "Yuva Lok" PO Box No16 Ladnun341306 Admin Off Anuvrat Bhawan 210, DDU Marg New Delhi-2
President : Shri Vimal Katariya
General Secretary : Shri Sandeep Kothari
Telephone Number : +91 1581 226114; +91 11 23210593
Mobile : +91 9821117813; +91 9820498881
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brief Description

  • To initiate younger generation into the organization and learn all good customs and actively participate in Organization activities.
  • Service:
To do all activities directed by Terapanth Vikas Parishad.
To work for progress of the Society as a whole.
  • Customs
To organize programs and camps for Personality Development.
Organization of Gyanshala.To organise Preshka-Dhyan centers.
To organise educational competitions to improve knowledge.
  • Organisation
To form new branches and induct new members into the organization.
To form Kishore Mandals and, by this medium helping children.
  • Resources
Financial Resource Donation from the Society.
Human Resource Three hundred Branches and more than 18000 members. Scholars and intellectual's groups etc.
  • Communication Resource
 "Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Times" Weekly Paper.
  • "Yuva Drishty" monthly magazines.
  • Regular communication with all Branches through letters.
  • Working  
  • Institutional
According to the Rules and regulation of Terapanth Yuvak Parishad. All work under one Head. Regular Travels. To organize camps, training and meeting. To organize Gyan shala and Preshka-Centers and training centers. Advertising and public camps.
•  Plans
Five conferences in a year. To involve young generation in Ahimsa Yatra. To publish preachings and articles of scholars.
To encourage younger generation to become Preksha-trainer.
To try and spread Jain Culture Vidhi. For proper advertising of Jain-Darshan, competition and programs should be organized.
To take part in Institute's Distance Education Program.
Organize at least 100 regional trips within one year.
Formation of Kishore Mandals under Terapanth Yuvak Parishad.