Let life be full of self-control,
Bathing in sacred stream of morality,
Every human mind everywhere purify,
Let life be full of self-control…
Self-discipline in ANUVRAT, by definition,
Voice of religion, devoid of class, colour or tradition,
Bringing in minds a revolution, by bits of resolution,
Let life be full of self-control…. 1
Let friendship grow among nations, day-by-day,
Reconciliation replacing hatred, succeed co-existence
with equality,
Means as well as ends becoming purer day-by-day,
Let life be full of self-control….2
Whether man or woman, students or teacher,
Worker or employer, all living will moral fervour,
Steadily narrowing the gap, between saying and doing.
Let life be full of self-control….3
Only by becoming worthy, possible it is to worship worthy,
Becoming heonestalone, can be cross this ocean of sorrow,
Life of valour and chivalry, merged in non-violence,
We shall follow,
Let life be full of self-control….4
Reform individual first, from individual, society,
Nation reforms on its own! Roar of Tulsi Anuvrat echoing
all over
To codes and rules of humanity, dedicate, our body
and soul,
Let life be full of self-control…. 5
Let us turn the era-flow
With modified vision, New order grow,
Through Anuvrat-code let wisdom glow
Away from life, let evils go
Let us turn the era-flow ……
Preservation of values
The Anuvrat (s) ensure
Spirituality and integrity make heart pure
Set darkness be dispelled through Anuvrat cure
And end of violence be made dead sure.
Let us turn the era-flow ……1
Worshipper is he, but man moral not
Bizaree is the play of such actor’s plot;
Religion sans Morality is an odd thought
Revolution in Religion holds the key to clot
Let us turn the era-flow ……2
Esteem of self discipline is the only way
In value-education, it has the role to play;
Let Truth-Ahinsa be in Masses hopeful ray
The Consumerist-Cyclone would no more led as tray,
Let us turn the era-flow ……3
Moral health in One will society healthy make
From come of selfishness, man will made awake;
Spirit of Highest Good will fill the hearty lake
Indebted will be All to Anuvrat for this sake,
Let us turn the era-flow ……4
Let’s strive strenuously to awaken faith in all
Inner hearts of all be joined by compassion whole;
“Let Amity prevail forever” – that’s The Tulsi’s call
Like North-pole star in sky to end the Final Fall.
Let us turn the era-flow ……5