The prime cause of violence is stress. Only a man in the grip of stress Commits violence. Stress cause bio-chemical imbalance in the body which accelerate violence. Violence is not caused by external factors alone, the causes are internal as well. Due to stress, certain glandular secretions increase, becomes violent. This is the second precipitating factor leading to violence. The above two cause imbalance of nervous system which leads to a man becoming violent.
Negative orientation is the fourth major reason leading to violence. Hatred, jealousy, fear, lust are all negative orientation. They influence feelings and emotions which turn an individual violent. The fifth cause of violence is hyperactivity. Hyperactivity of the mind, of speech and that of the body leads to violence. Hyperactivity affects biological, bio-physical and mental process and excites them. This excitement causes violence.



  • Distocted concept of development.
  • Imbalanced social organization
  • Prejudice based on race and colour.
  • Fundamentalism
  • Lop-sided Economics: concentration of too much wealth in a few hands and billions seating under hunger & poverty.
  • Consumerist culture based on materialism.
The above analysis of violence shows that roots of violence are both intrinsic as well as extrinsic. To bring about Ahimsa in society, we will have to think about internal and external causes and how those conditions can be overcome. Violence has become a part and parcel of the present social system, specially the organised violence. To eliminate the cult of violence from the social pattern and human life, and alternative system has to be developed.
Acharya Mahapragya, the great Han linger of Ahimsa yatra has made a deep contemplation over the causes of violence and for remedying those, he motivated the mission of training in Ahimsa. The programme comprises of four dimensions:

Non-violence Principles & History:

  • Changing of the Heart/Transformation of consciousness
  • No-violent Life –style.
  • Honesty & Ethics in Profession and Training in Self employment Techniques.