Ahimsa is nectar.

All human beings want peace. No one is happy in anarchy which generates disturbance and restlessness. How can, then peace be obtained? It can only be obtained through applied Ahimsa. Ahimsa doesn’t mean merly abstinence from killing a creature. In it’s broader sense it means refraining from infliction of pain on other as also from usurping the rights of others. This kind of Ahimsa – wherein the good of others comes well before one’s own – has always been needed. Scriptures say so and dharma enjoins upon all of us to do so.

Alas, contrary to the universal desire for peace, the world is sitting atop a heap of dynamite. Countries are ceaselessly engaged in production of weapons of mass-destruction. Great and mighty nations today find themselves being threatened with terrorist attack. Religious frenzy has led to crusades and jehads in one from or the other and the world today finds itself facing its own annihilation. International powers, pursuing, policies of self-aggrandizement, have brought the world to the brink of total destruction. Human race was never so afraid of violence and destruction is its 2000 year old history as it is today. Why?

Take a look at the world. The world is busy in arming itself to teeth. In military cantonments, all over the world millions of soldiers undergo operational training year after year in the name of army exercises. Every year millions of soldiers are brought to a state of battle-readiness. Special forces are raised to deliver death on a larger scale in the quickest possible ways by using the modern technological weapons. Newer versions of missiles and delivery systems are being invented and put into practice every year. Preparations for mass scale violence and extinction of the human race continue non-stop. The developed nations are pouring in all their energy in saying ahead of others in destructive power, the power of violence

If training and readiness is that necessary for staying ahead in violence, is it not equally necessary to train and be ready for peace? If it is, how do we go about it?

Will the reading of scriptures alone will help us to bring Ahimsa in our lives ? Or faithfully following rituals and thronging the places of worship will help us to develop Ahimsa? Certainly not. For that we will have to train ourselves in Applied Ahimsa so that readiness for Ahimsa comes into being. Ahimsa is a nectar and nectar can be found unless we go deep within – within our-selves – and without. We will have to find out as to what are the causes of violence and how these can be eliminate. First of all, let us think the causes of violence. It springs from two sets of causes: internal & external.